Workshops in New Bagan

Bagan is an old historical region situated in the middle of Myanmar, and New Bagan is a new satellite town of Bagan. During our activity, we came across many young emerging lacquerware designers and craftman in New Bagan. We also discovered the extent of the number of workshops existing.

New Bagan Area Map


Golden Bagan

This workshop uses traditional designs, techniques and outstanding colors. The work they do is skillful and many months are required to produce a single piece. Beautiful eco-bags, made of cotton from Pakokku textile, are used for packaging.

Myat Mon

Marvelous, intricate work done on site. Big-sized product orders are accepted. Lacquer resin (tree sap) and real gold can even be applied to cars. This is a first-generation lacquerware business.

Royal Peacock

Even though this workshop recently opened in 2014, these artists are creating beautiful Burmese lacquerware, especially different shapes of plates. They reuse waste to create new products invoking the spirit of innovation. In order to maintain quality, their products are limited and cannot be produced in mass.

the LOTUS collection

Beautiful, detailed drawings. Custom orders are accepted. A good spot to learn Myanmar traditional lacquerware in Bagan. Each product is engraved with the workshop's logo, guaranteeing quality.

Tun Handicrafts

Known for their diverse designs, this workshop has many small, cute souvenirs and ornamental pieces, and jewelry boxes. Each product is made using traditional techniques in order to ensure durability. You can find beautiful golden lacquerwares on display, which are also available for purchase.

U Ba Nyein

This workshop was founded 100 years ago and has been operating for three generations. It is one of Bagan's most notable sources of lacquerware, using natural, raw materials and made step-by-step according to the process. This workshop features many different styles and types of products, from bowls and trays to wardrobes.

Seven Eleven Lacquered House

Accepts different orders and original carvings will be accurately done. Their family showroom is filled with various kitchenware, including plates, tissue boxes, bowls, trays and cups. Their artwork is very detailed and made of beautiful designs.

U Ko Ko Maung

This workshop produces various designs and a variety of products using horse hair. Weaving the base frames with horse hair and bamboo requires extensive detail. The craftsman is good at coloring and his color mixing is famous. He also designs phone covers with beautiful patterns.

U Thet Zaw Oo

This workshop offers products with different designs and small utensils, such as bowls, cups, trays and food containers. They specialize in variously sized cups, which are woven very neatly with horse hairs. The products are sold in New Bagan and some are delivered to Yangon.

U Ye Tun

This workshop's owner is the inventor of egg shell design and cooked lacquer sap. They feature various products with unique designs and original creations. The best products are lacquerware trays and vases made with actual duck egg shells. Some big pots are delivered to France.

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