Access to Bagan

Access to Bagan is becoming more and more convenient. Air, bus, train, and boat transportation have been making efforts to improve their routes, fleet, and service. You are sure to find a mode of access to Bagan that best fits your schedule and budget.

By Air

Nyaung-U, the gate town to Bagan, has an airport which handles many domestic flights. Many turboprop aircrafts have been put into operation.

Airlines are operating circular routes around central Myanmar. Early morning flights fly in a clockwise order from Yangon to Nyaung-U to Mandalay to Heho to Yangon; while evening flights fly in a counter-clockwise order from Yangon to Heho to Mandalay to Nyaung-U to Yangon.

For example, flight time from Yangon to Nyaung-U in the morning is only about 1 hour, while it will be about 3 hours in the afternoon due to the counter-clockwise operation.

Airline tickets can be purchased through the airline websites.

Bagan Nyaung U Airport

Yangon International Airport (Domestic)


The Bagan Shwe Pyi Highway Bus Terminal is the main gateway for long-distance coach service, located on the outskirts of Bagan.

In the past, almost all coaches were not air-conditioned, but now fleets of coaches have been renewed with air-conditioned models, so you can enjoy a comfortable trip. Luxury coaches have 3 seats in a row. The journey from Yangon to Bagan is about 10 hours, including short breaks along the way.

In Yangon, The Aung Mingala bus terminal is located very far from the city center, so you should be careful not to miss your coach. It takes more than an hour from downtown to the terminal by taxi during rush hour.

You can get tickets through ticket sales counters at the Aung San stadium in downtown, or alternatively you can get it from online sites.

Online Bus Ticket

Bagan Bus Terminal

Yangon Highway Bus Station

By Train

When traveling on the train in Myanmar, you may feel a rare experience, such as continuous shaking as if the train is about to derail, due to old facilities and poor maintenance. Operation is frequently delayed, but if you have plenty of time, you can enjoy a slow, unique train journey.

You can get the official time table and tickets from railway stations. Tickets will be released at counters three days before departure, but it is often sold out quickly for a sleeper or during the holiday season.

The train ticket office in Yangon is located at Bo Gyoke Rd. on the opposite side of the Sakura Tower.

Bagan Railway Station

Myanma Railways Booking Office (Yangon)

By Boat

Several companies are operating riverboat services between Mandalay and Bagan. Usually riverboats depart from Mandalay in the early morning and arrive at Bagan in the evening.

Operation Companies

Alliance Myanmar River Cruise Website
Inland Water Transport (IWT / government-run) Website
Malikha Boat Website
MGRG Express Website
RV Shwe Keinnery (RV NMAI HKA) Website
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