Photo of Bagan

The Buddhist remains that extends all the way to the horizon, the Ayeyarwady River flows gently, the farmers cultivating the fields among the ruins, the craftworkers in the house making a lacquerware. Bagan is the place where people live together with ruins. Photogeneric Bagan surely fascinates you.

Bagan Photo Festival 2017 Winning Photos

People who are watching sunrise in Bagan.

Manuha Pagoda and Paper Mache Figures Festival


Rivalry with the devils.

way back home

Pagoda Festival

Mahabodhi Temple

Thatbyinnyu, one of the best designs in Bagan

Coming back after accepting the alms

Ananda Alms Offering Festival


The beauty of light and Bagan Pogodas

Bagan and traditional ox-drawn carriage

Historic wonder of ASEAN

Rays upon Bagan beauty

Bagan Sunset

Local fried vegetable snack shop

Myanmar Puppets

Hands of Bagan

Mural paintings of Bagan period

PyarTho(December) full moon day

Tourists in Bagan

The Morning of Bagan Beauty

Adorable Bagan sunset

Embracing the Legacy of the Buddha

The living

Bagan Handicraft in detail.

Buddhist school pupil

Celebration in Nyaung Oo


Morning alms collection


Searching for Bagan's mural painting

Bagan view from tower

The Busy Shoppers in Colourful Market

Tharabar Gate

The Image of Buddha


Hidden calm

Making 'Thanaka'

Bagan 90's

Ananda Temple

Shwegyigon Bagoda

Morning in Bagan

Ayeyarwady River


Young Monk

Hose Cart


Pagoda Keeper



Carrying Water


Waiting the Ceremony

Shinpyu Ceremony

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