Lay Myethnar Temple

Lay Myethnar Temple

Minnanthu vilage
13th Century
Monument No.


Le Myet Hna Temple is situated near Minnanthu village, south-east of Bagan. This temple has four entrances. The east gate is the main entrance to the temple. Here you can find four large Buddha.

There are also a lot of images of Buddha in the walls of the temple. Five hundred and fifty stories of Lord Buddha in his previous lives are also artistically depicted on the wall.

Small stupas were erected on the upper terrace at the corners of the pagoda. Once, there were mural paintings of Bagan era on the wall. Later, they were covered with lime by some donors. However, wells and monasteries built of bricks during the Bagan era can still be found near the temple.


This temple was built by Minister General Ananda Thura and his wife in 1224 during the reign of King Zeyatheinhka. The stone inscription of the donor includes the detailed description of how sacred and invaluable objects were enshrined at the temple. By building this temple, the Minister General and his wife prayed for enlightenment in order to stop the cycle of rebirth.
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