Shwezigon Pagoda Festival

Shwezigon Pagoda Festival

Shwezigon pagoda is situated in Nyaung Oo. The name "Shwezigon" derives from Pali word “Jeyya_Bhumi”, “Jeyya” means “Victory” and “Bumi” means Land or the country, “the land of the victory”. Shwezigon is solid, cylindrical structure resting on three square terraces in the width of (160) feet and the height of (160) feet, which was built by King Anawrahta (A.D 1044 -1077) and completed by King Kyanzittha (A.D.1084-1113). It is the prototype of Myanmar Stupas. As it enshrined sacred relics of the Buddha Frontal bone, collarbone and a tooth, people believe that Shwezigon is the most venerated pagoda in Bagan.

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Thadingyut Festival, The Festival of Lights

Offering one thousand candle lights

Lighting festival is celebrated in Myanmar for three days beginning from the day before the full-moon day of October, yearly.

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Closing Ceremony of "JICA Bagan Tourism Development Project"


Toward Sustainable Tourism Development in Bagan.

Local Community succeed to JICA Project Activities.


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Welcome to Wonder Bagan Website! Now Renewal Open!


Wonder Bagan website is the very first official region specialized tourism website created by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Project collaborated with MoHT (Ministry of Hotels and Tourism). It was opened to the public since September 2015 with English and Japanese languages. Wonder Bagan website provides general information about Bagan and surroundings, and also comprehensive tourism related information including sustainable and responsible tourism.

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