Htilominlo Temple

Htilominlo Temple

Old Bagan - Nyaung-U Road
13th Century
Monument No.


It is a two-storied structure rising 150 feet above the ground. The square-shaped base is about 140 feet on each side and the fine work of stucco can be seen on the outsides walls of the temple. Fragments of the original fine plaster carvings and glazed sandstone have survived on the outside.

The main vestibule faces east, whereas smaller projecting ones provide porches of arched entrances. The terraces are decorated with pieces of sandstone glazed in green.

The mural paintings in the interior have weathered. Four Buddha statues facing the cardinal points can be seen not only on the ground floor, but also on the superstructure which is linked by two staircases built in the thickness of the walls. Many horoscopes are inscribed on the walls in order to secure them against damage or destruction.


It is believed that King Zeyatheinhka became a King in the lap of the gods. The miraculous story goes that his mother was one of the queens of King Narapatisithu. At one point, King Narapatisithu granted her any wish she wanted after she alleviated a festering sore on his hand by keeping it warm in her mouth. She then asked for regency for one out of her five sons. So the king put the royal umbrella at the center of the five sons positioned in circle and swore an oath for the umbrella to bend towards the one who would be destined to be on the throne. The umbrella tilted in Prince Zeyatheinhka's position and thus he became known as Htilominlo, which means the one favored by the Royal Umbrella and the King.

When he succeeded to the throne, he erected the temple at the venue of the Royal Umbrella and it has since been called "Htilo Minlo".
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