Gu Byauk Gyi Temple (Myinkaba)

Gu Byauk Gyi Temple (Myinkaba)

Myinkaba village
Monument No.


This temple lies to the north limit of Myinkaba village, so it's also known as Myinkaba Gu Byauk Gyi temple. Gu Byauk Gyi is a typical Mon-style temple which consists of a square basement surmounted by a sikhara with curvilinear roofs resting on terraces, and a mandapa projecting on the eastern face.

The building is lit by the perforated stone windows which are incised with geometrical designs of fine proportions. The interior sanctum is run around by a vaulted corridor with niches enshrining images of Buddha in stone.

Paintings line the sanctum, the corridors surrounding it, and the entrance porch. These paintings are believed to date from the temple's original construction and are among the earliest still existing in Bagan. Under each painting is an account, in ancient Mon script, of the tale it depicts. These inscriptions are also important from the epigraphical point of view.


According to the famous Myazedi inscription, this temple was built in 1113 A.D. by Prince Rajakumar following the death of his father, King Kyanzittha.
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