Manuha Temple

Manuha Temple

Myinikaba village
11th Century (?)
Monument No.


The Manuha Temple in Bagan is located in Myinkaba Village, about 500 meters south of Gu Byauk Gyi Temple. The earthquake in 1975 struck the temple, causing the collapse of the central roof. Consequently, the largest seated Buddha was badly damaged. It was renovated again soon after the earthquake.


“Manuha” is the name of the Mon King who was held captive in Bagan by King Anawrahta. Legend has it that King Manuha was allowed to build the temple. He sold his priceless Manaw Maya jewel to a rich merchant from Myinkaba and obtained six cartloads of pure silver. He used this to build the impressive Manuha temple. He used this temple to demonstrate the confined lifestyle of a captive king in Bagan.


The Manuha Temple Festival is a grand event that is held annually on the day before the full moon of Tawthalin. The festival consists of virtuous activities and provides opportunities for matchmaking as well.
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