Seinnyet Ama Temple & Seinnyet Nyima Pagoda

Seinnyet Ama Temple & Seinnyet Nyima Pagoda

Temple and Pagoda
North of New Bagan
11th - 13th Century
Monument No.
1085 / 1086 (Ama / Nyima)


The Seinnyet Ama temple is located in the north of New Bagan. The square-shaped temple has four entrances through projecting porches, with the main one facing west.

The superstructure is composed of four steep receding terraces and a sikhara (a spire ornament shaped like an umbrella found on top of most Burmese temples), which rests on the square basement. The triple pediments which once framed the entrances are now much damaged.

The adjoining Seinnyet Nyima pagoda is a solid stupa resting on three terraces.



Seinnyet Ama temple is said to have been built by Queen Seinnyet in the 11th century A.D., but the design seems to be linked to the later Myanmar style of the 13th century; whereas Seinnyet Nyima pagoda is traditionally believed to belong to the 11th century.

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