East Petleik and West Petleik Pagodas

East Petleik and West Petleik Pagodas

New Bagan
11th century
Monument No.
1030 (East) / 1031 (West)


The circumference and the thickness of the East Petleik Pagoda are larger than that of West Petleik Pagoda. When the lower portions were cleared of debris, almost the entire series of unglazed terracotta plaques were recovered.

The two pagodas originally had vaulted corridors lining the basements and the walls were lined with rows of square niches which accommodated the Jataka plaques. These have been placed in position and new roofs were built over these two tiers of tiles for preservation. West Petleik Pagoda is in excellent condition.

The lower portions of the masonry have fallen off, but the upper portion of West Petleik Pagoda resembles the Seinnyet Nyima Pagoda.


These two pagodas belong to 11th century A.D. and were in ruins in 1905. It is learnt that the structure of the pagoda is similar to the gold earrings which the residents wore since the ancient times.
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