Shwe Pyi Nann Thanakha Museam

Shwe Pyi Nann Thanakha Museam

Shwe Pyi Nann Thanakha Museum was open by Shwe Pyi Nann, the biggest Thanakha Company in Myanmar, as a place to reveal truly useful traditional Myanmar Thanakha. Located on the corner of Thiripyitsayar (4) and Main Road, it is the only Thanakha museum in the world.
A visit to this museum will answer any curiosities you may have about Thanakha. What comes into view first when you enter the museum is a 100 year-old Thanakha plant. The interior décor is impressive and classy. There is a map showing the regions where Thanakha plants grow on the wall. Thanakha barks of fine quality and that are rare to get are displayed with captions. The stone slabs and dressing tables of Konebaung and Pyu periods can be seen. Visitors can try to put on thanaka paste by grinding Thanaka bark on a circular stone slab in the museum.

Thanakaha is a traditional Myanmarese cosmetic that has been used in Myanmar since the Pyu period. It is obtained from Thanakha tree (botanically called Limonia acidissima), wchich can be found in natural forests. However, nowadays, the farmers grow it as a field cultivated tree. Thanakha is also used in skin conditioner and perfume. Not only its barks and roots, but the leaves are also medicinal. When applied regularly, the skin will become fairer, smoother and softer day by day. It can also protect the skin from sunburn.

Shwe Pyi Nann Thanakha Museum is a sizeable complex that consists of Thanaka garden, Thanaka gallery, petrified wood gallery, jet museum, and Myanmar’s handicraft souvenir shop. There is a restaurant, Internet café, and beauty salon in the complex.

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