Bagan Archaeological Museum

Bagan Archaeological Museum

Old Bagan
1904 / 1997

Bagan Archaeological Museum is situated on the south of Gawdaw Palin Pagoda, in Old Bagan. It is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except on Mondays and public holidays.


The New Archaeological Museum is a three-story structure built with an octagonal base. It is a complex of buildings in which ancient objects are displayed. Stone inscriptions, stone sculptures, and other large-sized archaeological finds of are exhibited in three different rooms.


The Old Archaeological Museum was opened in 1904 near the northern entrance of Ananda Temple. The new archaeological was reconstructed in 1995 and reopened in 1997.

Interesting Features

In the front of the museum’s portico, a statue of the legendary king Pyusawhti, stands with five animal sculptures: the big bird, the big boar, the big tiger, the big flying squirrel and the wild weed gourd. Legend says that he conquered these five grate menaces which had been harassing Bagan by slaying them with his mighty bow and arrows.

In the center of the octagonal structure, Yaza Kuma stone inscription which is a very important source of Bagan history is exhibited. Its four faces are inscribed with the four different languages: Pyu, Mon, Myanmar, and Pali.

When entering the museum, you will be welcomed by bronze statues of four famous Kings of Bagan-- Anawyahta, Kyansitthar, Alaungsithu and Kyaswa-- and a large three-dimensional of mural painting of the Bagan Archaeological Site.

The ground floor mainly displays arts and crafts of the Bagan era, portraits of Bagan society and battle fields, pieces of language and literature, archaeological designs, ancient clothing and statues. The exhibits on the first floor highlight religious themes such as portraits of ancient pagodas, ancient wall paintings, artistic designs of Buddha, and images of Buddha in different postures (Mudra).

From the roof area, the visitors can enjoy the stunning panoramic views of Bagan and its pagodas.

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