As for movement of tourists, users of e-bikes have been expanding in recent years. In order to secure the tourists and make the traffic environment better, inner roads in the heritage area have to be developed taking in consideration sustainability, maintenance, and harmony with the historical environment.

The solution to use crushed stone at the base and gravel and soil as a finish will make the road network in the heritage area improve without changing appearances from the current earthen road, and it will be expected to become a sustainable one.

Note: The project was cancelled in July, 2017 due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Looking at the sunset from the top of the pagodas is one of the most popular activities for all the tourists. However, from the aspect of preservation of monuments and safety assurance of tourists, climbing up the monuments has to be well-controlled.

Through finding alternative fascinating viewpoints such as river view, village view etc., visualizing on the map as “Discover Bagan”, and distributing it to the tourists, it is expected that people will re-discover the attractiveness of Bagan.

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Bagan Information Center was established in Old Bagan, the historical core of Myanmar. Since the existing structure is located in the heritage area, minimal impacts to the surrounding environment is necessary. For the implementation, various performance improvements of the facility were achieved while maximizing preservation of the appearance of the structure.

Through exhibitions, seminars and transmission of information related to Bagan, it is expected to be used not only by domestic and foreign tourists, but also by local communities.

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The increase in tourists has resulted in an increased traffic volume, impacting monuments and traffic safety. To mitigate traffic volume and to provide a better transportation system in the cultural Heritage Area, two demonstration experiments were conducted for 1) car parking control, 2) traffic regulation inside Old Bagan, 3) introduction of circular buses and 4) promotion of horse carts during sunset.

Based on the reflection on oppositions from private operators, an appropriate transportation plan will be developed for the heritage area.

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Media Planning

Effective utilization is essential to promote Bagan as a tourist destination. Although there has been mass-media promotion through TV, radio, newspaper, and magazines, social media networks such as YouTube and Facebook have been playing a larger role in recent years. The short movies, which focus not only on Buddhist Heritage, but also the diverse lifestyle of the Baganese people, have spread throughout the Internet. Through the variety of uses of media, experience and know-how are also expected to be accumulated in the Bagan region.

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