Government officers, tourism business operators and local people in Bagan are limited knowledge and awareness on an importance of conservation of heritage, beautification of tourist sites and hospitality for tourists. For sustainable management and creating better environment of heritage tourist destination, public awareness activities are indispensable in Bagan. As public awareness activities, Public Awareness Seminar, Mini Public Awareness Workshop and Cleaning Campaigns were conducted in Bagan. Through these activities, people in Bagan will be understood an importance of working and living in Bagan as a heritage tourist destination and continues to conduct public awareness activities by themselves.

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Tourism industry in Bagan has limited capacity for human resources to serve foreign tourists sufficiently in terms of skill, knowledge and hospitality. To improve and strengthen capacity of human resources for tourism sector, Basic Intensive Training Program for front office service, food & beverage service and licensed tourist guide, International Business Manner and Japanese “Omotenashi-Hospitality (O-H)” training program, and Training of Trainers for O-H Representative were conducted in Bagan. Through these training programs, it is expected tourism human resources in Bagan will be developed, and O-H will be introduced to tourism sector in Bagan.

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In the representative heritage sites in Bagan, the environments around the compound have not been managed properly. Therefore, large buses, passengers’ cars and e-bikes park chaotically and they block not only the circulation of the tourists, but also the view toward the monuments.

In order to make visitor’s circulation smoother and ensure the wonderful view toward the monument, JET proposed parking plan as a part of visitors’ management. And it is expected that the trial will improve the environment around the monuments.

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Historical landscape of Bagan is one of the most attractive tourism resources in this area. However, because of the inflow of the private capital, uncountable outdoor advertisement has been appeared in everywhere as “negative impact” to the environment. In order to reduce the visual impact, a committee was established in the local government and started an activity to remove illegal advertisement was started from May, 2017. To maintain the landscape in the future as it was in the ancient time, continuous activities are required.

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To create a public signage system having uniqueness of Bagan, systematic procedure from design to production has to be well established as follows.

  1. Material: Use teak wood as local material from procurement, processing and its durability.
  2. Design: Integrate into traditional style design while ensuring good visibility as public sign.
  3. Production: Collaborate with carpenters who have traditional wood carving technique.

Once it becomes a system by a guideline, it is expected to become sustainable as “Made in Bagan”.

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