Closing Ceremony of "JICA Bagan Tourism Development Project"


Toward Sustainable Tourism Development in Bagan.

Local Community succeed to JICA Project Activities.


(1) JICA Bagan tourism development project

For the long-term benefits for Bagan tourism, “JICA Bagan Tourism Development Project” formulated fourteen (14) Pilot Projects within three years from 2014 to 2017.

“Website Management & Promotion Training” is an activity of one of the pilot projects called “Tourism Information Management “and it is aimed to promote the abilities of the active new generations involved in the tourism sector in Bagan. As a result of providing “Website Management and Promotion Training”, a local organization called Bagan Tourism Development Supporters (BTDS) was established. BTDS is a nonprofit local organization and its members are volunteering for writing articles and blogs on Wonder Bagan Website and updating Facebook page and Instagram since October 1, 2017.

One of the other pilot projects is called “Media Planning” and it is aimed to promote and expose the real attractiveness of Bagan by making short documentary films and showing them to the world. JICA Project supported and Tagu Films Productions created three short documentary films. All the three documentary films would be utilized in any of the future tourism promotion activities for Bagan.

(2) closing of website training and screening documentary films

On 8th September, 2017 Friday, JICA Bagan Tourism Development Project organized an event for “Closing Ceremony of Website Management & Promotion Training” plus “Video Watching Seminar” in Bagan, Nyaung-U. The event was held at SHARKY’S restaurant in the evening.

Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (MoHT), Department of Archaeology (DOA), General Administration Department (GAD), all working group members, Bagan Photo Festival advisors, characters of the promotion videos, trainers, trainees, all the cooperators and supporters were sincerely invited to the event. All of the attendees acknowledged and appreciated our (JICA Project) efforts. And JICA Bagan Tourism Development Project’s appreciations go to MoHT, DOA, GAD, all working group members, advisors of “Bagan Photo Festival”, trainers, all the supporters and cooperators for their continuous help for Bagan Tourism Development.



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